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Urban Senior Session / Crossroads in KC, MO

wAlisha 026

This senior is beautiful from the inside out. She is laid back,
but knows who she is and what she wants. She reminds me a little of me at this age...
FUN being the #1 priority!

wAlisha 064

wAlisha 022

She didn't mind climbing on the rusty rails, or crumbled concrete. In fact she giggled a lot, which in contagious. She is my favorite type of client, and we had a lot of fun shooting in the Crossroads district downtown.

wAlisha 126

wAlisha 151

wAlisha 145

Mom adores her, and is obviously proud of the gorgeous girl she's grown to be!
Good luck to you in whatever you do. With your great attitude, I'm sure you will succeed.

wAlisha 341 bw