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Country Couple / Kansas City Family Photography

This cute couple comes to me as a referral from a friend and co-worker...
They are his adorable parents, who've been married for over 20 years.
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They haven't had a photo session in decades, and it was my pleasure to spend
a beautiful fall morning with them at Loose Park in Kansas City. Although I'm sure
he would've rather been mowing their 5 acres in small town Kansas while sipping on
a cold can of something hops-ish, he obliged his wife's desire to capture their moment in time.
What a guy! He even made eye contact with the lens a time or two ;)

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Despite fighting marathon traffic to get to one another, we had a nice time
chatting about how they met, and what they like to do. Laid back in love couples
like this are really an inspiration to me, and I hope to have soaked up some of
their wisdom in the process.

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Enjoy your sneak peek. Many more to come :)

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