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Suprise Proposal

collage 8x10
This was a first for me... I got to hide in the bushes and photograph a proposal.
She said yes ;) and we had fun running around the plaza and capturing some
great shots of some genuine smiles. Can't you feel the love?

Proposal 284 copy

W collage 2

w Proposal 083 copy

little miss monkey

W Taylar 222 copy
Ohhhhhhhh, those gummy grins make me smile!
There are so many from this session I love...
but in the spirit of the hectic holiday season,
I can only post a few for now ;)

W Taylar 254 bw

baby boy on the way...

W A&J belly 116 bw
These newlyweds are so adorable and laid back,
I can't wait to meet there little man!

W A&J belly 012 copy

W A&J belly 075 copy

a rockin' family

W TNT 153

with rockin' style and rolling sibling rivalry ;)
W TNT 085 bw

W TNT 057

family fun

W Fall 2009 240 bw
A little sneak peak from this weekend's session.
This little one loves being outside and is a curious little guy.

W Fall 2009 123 vint

W Fall 2009 108 bw

The whole family has the most amazing blue eyes!
W Fall 2009 294 copy

it's scarf season

w Noah 9mo 099 8x10c
...and the whole family is wearing it in style!
w Noah 9mo 019 copy
...the little man, Mama, Dada, and even the pups.
and they are all so gorgeous and photogenic! I love my job.
w Noah 9mo 047 bw
w Noah 9mo 265 vint

w Noah 9mo 119
These sisters are so adorable. Love the boots ladies.
w Noah 9mo 240 copy

The Fall Fairy

W IMG_9298
She has arrived...
W IMG_9305 copy

W IMG_9359

Perhaps she'll come rake my yard while I sleep ;)
W IMG_9419

Perhaps not. But that's ok, just look at that face!
W IMG_9569

W IMG_9522

best dressed

W C&L Fam 019 copy
This adorable family was so much fun. The dynamics of
3 kids is always an eye opener for me, a mother of 2 little ones.
Something about the loss of the 1:1 ratio scares me.
But this laid back bunch just rolled with the punches...
and looked great doing so!

W C&L Fam 041 bw

W C&L Fam 182 copy

W C&L Fam 029 flare

W C&L Fam 245 copy


S&J 132 copy
This couple is so adorable... you'd never know Mom-to-be doesn't like
having her picture taken... and Dad was up all night working before our shoot.

S&J 013 bw

S&J 088 copy

They were even up for a walk to the park despite the Braxton Hicks.
Dad was so cute holding Mom's hand and pointing out the uneven ground.
He's protective already! This baby girl isn't going to date until she's 22 ;)
S&J 248 copy

S&J 176 copy

S&J 155 copy

who ever said 3's a crowd...

hasn't met this gorgeous group of kiddos!
W AvilaFam 042 copy

W AvilaFam 080 copy

The clouds were quickly moving in and the sky was turning gray on my drive
to this session. I almost called mom to reschedule for the 3rd time.
Apparently Mother Nature wasn't reading our text messages...
I'm so glad I didn't! The rain held out, the sun peeked through and I had
a blast with this energetic group!

W AvilaFam 031 bw

W AvilaFam 114 copy

The cutest bee I ever did see...

W Lauren 6mo 004
Seriously. Look at those cheeks! Happy Half Birthday baby girl.
It was good seeing you and your Mommy again.
W Lauren 6mo 013

W Lauren 6mo 056

Lauren 6mo 079 bw

W Lauren 6mo 088

it's fall... in love

BeckerFam 056 copy

W BeckerFam 058 bw
This big sis is so sweet with her little bro...
not the typical knock 'em down I'm used to at my house ;)

W BeckerFam 141

W BeckerFam 034 copy

W BeckerFam 211 copyW BeckerFam 204 copy

It was good to see you all again. Your whole family is adorable!
You make my job a walk in the park ;)

BeckerFam 182 bw