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10-day old darling

IMG_4478 crop

Although you can't tell by looking at these pictures, this little darling didn't sleep a wink the whole 2 hour session. At 10 days old, she is already running the show. This family has a lot of love, take a look... I think the photos speak for themselves.

IMG_4409 8x10 IMG_4447 sharp

IMG_4337 b&w

IMG_4358 b&w IMG_4440 b&w IMG_4328 b&w

...and my personal faves from this session (In case you haven't figured it out, I'm a sucker for a baby in a funky hat)
IMG_4492 sharp

IMG_4496 sharp

sleeping beauty

IMG_3934 copy

This sleeping beauty was only 6 days old when I got the opportunity to photograph her. She is the daughter of my BFF since 3rd grade, so this session holds a very special place in my heart. She snoozed the whole photo shoot, so her Mama and I had time to catch up and talk newbie baby talk. She has a very active 3 year old... and how soon we forget the demands of a newborn. Take care and get some rest Mama! She's beautiful. You done good!

IMG_3983 copyIMG_3964 copy IMG_4010 copy2

IMG_4073 copy

IMG_3956 copy

IMG_3939 b&w

silly siblings

I had the joy of meeting this family yesterday afternoon and I was so excited it was nice enough outside to walk to the park. Sorry Mom, for not warning you to bring your walking shoes ;) and thanks for being such sports and galavanting all over the neighborhood to let me take your kids' pictures. I was amazed at how much energy they had and impressed we all survived without naps! I had a lot of fun and hope to see you all again soon.

IMG_3426 b&w

IMG_3391 b&w 5x7 IMG_3347 b&w IMG_3443 b&w 5x7

IMG_3446 p

IMG_3416 5x7 IMG_3381 b

IMG_3470 copy h

IMG_3451 b&w IMG_3505 b&w

IMG_3513 c IMG_3478

soon-to-be big sis, and proud of it

The day of this session, it was overcast outside and the weather prediction was for snow, again... in April!
Ironically, we had rescheduled from the previous weekend when we got 6-8" of the white stuff.
Thankfully Miss A was a riot and loved making silly faces. She cheered up my dreary day in no time! Thanks for the laughs darling. Your little brother is so lucky to have a big sister like you!
IMG_3092c IMG_3116c IMG_3102c


IMG_2994c IMG_3128 IMG_3006c


IMG_3026bw IMG_3034bw IMG_3024bw

6 months old doesn't get any cuter!

This was a really fun session for me for several reasons.
#1. 6 months old is one of my favorite ages. They have usually mastered sitting up, but can't crawl away yet, and they don't have seperation anxiety if mom or dad step out of eye sight for a second.
#2. It was so fun! The love they have for each other and their little man really showed from the moment they walked through the door. They didn't hesitate to make all the silly noises or play the goofy games that he loves at home.
#3. This adorable little boy is the son of a guy I went to high school with. Ironically, I work with his wife, so this was a sort of reunion for me too.

There is nothing better for a photographer than a parent that isn't embarrased to talk the baby talk for the sake of keeping their kiddo happy and smiling... and the proof is in the pics.


IMG_2591cIMG_2600c IMG_2518c


IMG_2531c IMG_2505c IMG_2674c

IMG_2704c IMG_2717c

my girls

I just can't help but post a few recent pics of my girls.

Whitney. Check out her neck control and crazy drool... and she's rolling all over the place already! Ahhhh, the milestones of a 3 month old. I'm not in any hurry for this one to grow up.
tiny ballerina

Mallory. She is such an opinionated chatter box these days. Her newest saying is "I know!" after everything you tell her. Grrrrreat, I have a know it all at the ripe old age of 2! But she's adorable, if I do say so myself. She is the queen of silly faces too, so she's a keeper ;)
IMG_1901c copy IMG_1906c copy toddler attitude