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Infant Photography / Natural Light Studio

wHar 9m 430

I've had the joy of photographing this beauty since she was still in her
Mama's tummy. I got to get my baby-fever hands on her in her first weeks of life,
and it's hard to believe at 9 months she's already walking!
She's always been a calm, patient little girl. A serious sally, if you will...
but that means she doesn't give up the smiles for just anybody!

w collage

Her Daddy came along to the session just to be her personal comedian. What a lucky
girl... her daddy's a funny guy who loves her dearly and her Mama is so very stylish and spoils her rotten!

wHar 9m 139

wHar 9m 067

wHar 9m 080

Child Photography / Natural Light Studio

wGavin 2yr 213
This little guy is totally adorable and full of energy, as every 2 year old little boy should be!
It's amazing to me how much personality develops between 18 mo and 2 years.

wGavin 2yr 205

wGavin 2yr 170

Of course that also means they move faster and want to me in control!

wGavin 2yr 273

It was so great seeing this little guy again!
Our first session was when he was only 6 months old. One thing hasn't changed...
those big brown eyes!

wGavin 2yr 085

wGavin 2yr 108

wGavin 2yr 048

Family Photography / Parks in Lee's Summit

wJones Fam 059

After rescheduling several times, I was afraid this session may not happen.
I'm so glad it finally did. I'm pleased to capture this time in their lives.
They are expecting a new addition in November, and then saying good-bye in
January as their only son joins the U.S. Army and goes to serve our country.

wJones Fam 112

This is one of the fasted sessions I've had lately... as you can see, they are all
old enough to listen and follow directions. Not a norm with my usual toddler clients.

wJones Fam 083

wJones Fam 103

But don't be fooled, we had our share of silliness... mostly from Dad :)

wJones Fam 025

wJones Fam 163

Child Photographer / Natural Light Studio

wAynslee 1yr 028d

Ummm, can you say gorgeous? This giggly girl is certainly that.
I can't believe she's almost 1 year old! I've had the pleasure of watching her grow
so big, and happy, and strong. I love her and her Mama. We had so much fun..
and this is why I love what I do!

w16x24 collage

wAynslee 1yr 193

Newborn Photographer / Kansas City, Missouri

Sweet Baby Amelia Kay, 8 days young

wAmelia NB 029
This sweet 6 pounder 12 ounce baby girl tried to stay in on the action,
but it didn't take long for her to fall fast asleep under my spell.

w collage

wAmelia NB 130 bw

I love photographing first time parents, they are always so in love...
with each other and with the new little miracle in their lives.

wAmelia NB 132

wAmelia NB 108

Thanks for letting me share in the precious first days of her little life!
She's just perfect! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Family Photographer / Loose Park

Holy moly, is this family adorable!
aParks 007

The boys weren't really into sitting still, but I'm used to that
having 2 little girls this age. There's far too much to do at the
park than sit still!

w 10x20

Action shots are always my favorite anyways!

wParks 044

aParks 051

Thanks for spending your Sunday afternoon with me! The weather was
wonderful, and your family is beautiful!

Child Photographer / Kansas City, Missouri

Sassy and sweet is the best way to describe this little fashionista.
wTaylar 18mo 267

wTaylar 18mo 070 bw

It was great seeing this family again. They are fun, laid back, and so in love
with their little sweetheart; it's my favorite kind of session!
I can't believe it's been almost a whole year since I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family!

wTaylar 18mo 222

Thanks for trusting me with capturing your memories through my camera lens.

wTaylar 18mo 317

Newborn Photography / Kansas City Metro Area

I'm proud to share a first... my first 10 pounder.
wIan NB 164 5x7

Not just 10 pounds, but born 10 pounds 10 ounces, this
big boy is the biggest newborn I've photographed.
Not to be surprised, though. Mommy is 6 feet tall, and Daddy plays
professional football.
w 10x20

wIan NB 020

He has the smoothest, creamiest, most perfect skin of any newborn
I've seen. And although he didn't want to sleep much, he was sweet
enough to not fuss much and put up with me and playing a little dress-up.
wIan NB 136 bw