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blonde hair, blue eyed beauty

wA 6mo 018
Seriously... adorable!
She's wearing an outfit her mother wore as a baby. Precious.
wA 6mo 091
Her little expressions were too cute. When she giggles, she closes her eyes.
She was contagious.
wA 6mo 116
Very similar set-up to the previous session, but a girl version.
I loved it so much I had to do it again.
6 months is the perfect age for the quishy tushy shots.


brotherly love
These little guys are so darling, I had a great time hanging out with them.
His little tushy was so squishy, I had to try a few shots... and I love so many
of them it's hard choosing what to post!
tush push tie

baby on barnwood

Big bro is a charmer too! Just look at those eyes!

6 mo & 20 mo


w B&P spring2010 062 copy
with 2 girls of my own about these ages, this session felt very familiar...
except the little one isn't running (yet) so she couldn't get away from me.
with hat
She looks so much like her big sissy too! They are both so sweet.
It was great seeing you ladies again!
sis on barnwood

3 months old

wHarlowe 3mo 038
Cute as a button... and her mama brought the most adorable accessories!
It was so nice seeing you ladies again. She's a doll baby!

wHarlowe 3mo 008

wHarlowe 3mo 058

wHarlowe 3mo 026

featured on Project Nursery

I'm so excited! this is the first time my photos have been
featured on another website!
I photographed adorable Noah at 6 and 9 months, and was honored
when his mom asked me to shoot on location during his 1st b-day party.
I just adore his chubby cheeks and ocean blue eyes. Not to mention
him mom is the most creative mom I've had the joy to work with.
She rocked it with her wild zoo theme.
Check them out on Project Nursery.

and here on TomKat Stuido

and if you'd like Noah's mom to help you plan your's kiddos next bash,
or help you catch up on your scrapbook pages, check her out at:

twins and big bro

x243 copy
This big brother is so sweet and patient with them, it's adorable.
I can't believe the twins are already one year old.
Happy Belated Birthday cuties!
x227 copy


x139 x032 copy
x071 copy x284

twin maternity session

wMaternity twins 027
They were so happy, it was contagious! I love photographing
couples in love... and it's even more special when it's a maternity sesson.

wMaternity twins 102

wMaternity twins 115

They aren't finding out the sex of the babies either!!!
w 046 copy

My Princess Petunia Picklebottom is 3!

I don't share many personal pictures here, but since it's her b-day...
I can't help myself!

the princess castle
Upon her request, I attempted to make her a blue princess castle cake...
My first attempt at anything other than a sheet cake, and I'm pretty proud
of how it turned out. A little sloppy, but it was fun and worth all the effort
when Mallory freaked out with excitement when she saw it.
She said it was "gorgeous!" Success.
Happy Birthday big girl!

Newborn Baby Boy

W collage
This family was so fun at their maternity shoot,
I was thrilled to work with them again.
W Cruz NB 111 bw

The little guy was the biggest "newborn" I've photographed.
At 4 weeks old, he was over 9 pounds, and not as flexible as he once was.
He also wasn't much into sleeping. Oh yes, he was tired, don't be fooled...
once he was asleep, he didn't care much for me posing him.

W Cruz NB 260 8x10
Once I mentioned this shot, mom really wanted it.
We worked hard to get him here asleep and
I only got a few clicks before he woke up again.

W Cruz NB 020 bw
But just look at those adorable little lips! It was worth all the effort.

W Cruz NB 366