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sweet siblings

53 W
What an adorable family!

24 W
This little guy was a trooper.
He slept while his big sister tore through the toy box,
squealed jumping on the chair, and ran around him in circles.
63 W

61 W 1 W

...he even let me move him from basket to basket.
You can tell he is a second child and used to the excitement already.

51 W 20 W

back to the future

02bw B&R 033
This was a bit of a reunion. Mom is a friend of mine from junior high school...
and a possible flash forward for me if we decide to go for baby#3 so close together. It was good seeing you and your ornery brood. Keep in touch.
14 B&R 201

16 B&R 251 08 B&R 129

01 B&R 021 copy 11 B&R 176

Miss Independent

26 Fagan Fam 451
This little sweetie wanted to do anything except what we suggested she do...
and she was soooo busy! Ah, the energy of a 1.5 year old!
Poor thing was catching a bug and had a runny nose.
Mama called me that evening to say she was running a fever.
Sorry doll baby. Hope you feel better soon!

18 Fagan Fam 303

11 Fagan Fam 191

09 Fagan Fam 098

24 Fagan Fam 375

25 Fagan Fam 460

06 Fagan Fam 330

another boy on the way

13 8x10 Tiff's belly 082
This Mama is tiny and cute... and she makes pregnancy look so easy.

10 Tiff's belly 086

maternity photogrpher

09 Tiff's belly 069

Beautiful Belly

W belly 044
It's been a while since I've had a maternity shoot...
and this Mama is one of my BFFs, so she was up for anything I wanted to try.
My favorite kind of maternity shoot!

W belly 017

...and it's a girl!
W belly 232

W belly 222 b&w

are they not the cutest?

24 Noah 285

This family was so much fun and so beautiful!
I love a mom who loves taking pictures as much as I do...
and accessories, for that matter.
I'm sorry, but we all know there is a huge difference between boys and girls clothing options...
but this little man's got it going on!

26 Noah 319

happy half b-day little Noah!
04 Noah 026

05 Noah 051

9 days new

what a beautiful family... and so in love.
11 NB 088 bw

It was a pleasure meeting this little princess.
She was so tiny and sweet. 7# 12oz at birth dropping to 6# 12oz in the hospital.
But don't worry Mama, the way she was nursing, she'll grow big way too soon.
21 NB 060

just look at those lips!
08 NB 075 bw

16 NB 117

04 NB 032 bw

small but mighty

This little doll baby was such a ham she had me in stitches.
She might be tiny, but she packs a huge personality...
and check out all her accessories!



25 IMG_8566

w IMG_8407

bright eyes

w18 Blake
this little guy was a mover...
he had myself, mom and dad working hard keeping him in one place.
Look at those eye and that gummy grin... I heart this age.
w11 Blake

w24 Blake

{Happy (1/2) Birthday Blue Eyes}

09 Deacon 6 mo 152 copy
It was so nice seeing you (and your mom & dad) again. You've gotten so big the last 3 months!
You're such a serious little thinker, I can't wait to hear what you have to say.

03 Deacon 6 mo 085 copy

08 8x10 Deacon 6 mo 147 copy

02 Deacon 6 mo 076 copy
I hope you and your favorite monkey friend have a happy 1/2 b-day today!

smiley boy

01 Jackson 3 years 354 copy
What a happy little guy... and such an imagination.
We had fun wandering around the field chatting about Trains, mud pies, and all things boy!

03 Jackson 3 years 302 copy

02 Jackson 3 years 194

04 Jackson 3 years 137 copy