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it's officially summer...

get outside and smell the flowers
W 276

this big bro has his hands full...

DJ's kids 001 5x7

DJ's kids 291 W

DJ's kids 144

I adore them holding hands! PRECIOUS! Big bro loves them both to pieces.
DJ's kids 205

Lil' Cowboy

Kolby 2 yo 165 copy
Doesn't he look like he belongs in a Wrangler add? and that little laugh was contagious!
Kolby 2 yo 156 5x7

Kolby 2 yo 499 b&ww

Kolby 2 yo 386 copy

Kolby 2 yo 008 b&ww

1 year proud...

Maddy 1 year 116 b&ww
Showing off her new walking skills. What a cutie! Those baby blues are a photographers dream.

Maddy 1 year 212

Maddy 1 year 145 b&ww