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Family Photography / Kansas City, MO

This blue eyed boy has smiles for miles.
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He's sure is a happy little guy. We had fun walking around the park.
His favorite part was taking his shoes off and playing with Mama and Daddy in the grass!



Happy First Birthday Big Boy!
I hope you had a wonderful pool birthday party!


Sleepy Newborn Baby Boy

This little boy is so sweet and sleepy, you can tell he's the third of three boys.
He slept through all the chatter between Mama, Grandma and myself.
He's used to lots of commotion and smothering hugs and kisses.


IMG_1444 5x10

I just love this family. They make such pretty baby boys!
Ages newborn, 1 & 2 years, this Mama and Dad are super busy.
It was fun to spend some slow time with just the littlest addition
without chasing big brothers.


Oh, such sweet sleepy smiles... what is this little one dreaming of?
I'd love to know.


At 2 weeks old, he wasn't very bendy, so I didn't think this basket shot would work,
but Mama really wanted to try. I was thrilled she loved the set-up and
even more thrilled that he actually slept through the basket stuffing :)


I'm looking forward to the fall session outdoors chasing all 3 of your
boys around in the leaves. Take care, and enjoy all the snuggles before this
one's on the move too :)