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blue eyed boy

04 Luke 9mo 233

06 Luke 9mo 8x10 249

This gorgeous little boy was a joy. He was full of smiles and flirts the whole session...
and at only 9 months old, he's already standing on his own!
Watch out Mama, you've got a feisty one on your hands ;)

26 Luke 9mo 446

15 Luke 9mo 326

27 Luke 9mo 477

curly girl

12 Princess Elisa 3 yo 074 copy
those sassy curls matched her spunky personality perfectly!
I loved all her silly faces and fairy stories...

09 Princess Elisa 3 yo 054 copy

20 Princess Elisa 3 yo 200 copy

22 Princess Elisa 3 yo 222 copy

14 Princess Elisa 3 yo 126 copy

M&J engagement

16 Melissa & Jeremy engagement 377 copy
This couple was so laid back and fun, they made my job very easy...
and thanks for putting up with the heat and humidity! You are both troopers!!!

15 Melissa & Jeremy engagement 164 copy

07 Melissa & Jeremy engagement 133 copy

02 Melissa & Jeremy engagement 056 copy

tu-tu cute

10 Riley Sue 3 mo 035 copy
seriously... I just wanted to pinch and smooch those adorable cheeks!
What a doll baby. I photographed her 3 mmonths ago when she was only a few days old...
WOW how fast they grow. I love me some chuncky baby ;)

03 Riley Sue 3 mo 135 copy

07 Riley Sue 3 mo 096 copy

2 year old trouble

just look at that precious face... don't be fooled. she's an ornrey little girl ;)
A 24

A 22

This beauty was bashful, like my 2 year old daughter. Sometimes they don't want you to get too close too soon... or touch them... or even look at them, for that matter. I've been on the other side of that scenario countless times, so it was oddly familiar to be on the opposite side of the tale. Her parents were so patient with her. I love seeing a family letting the child be themselves instead of getting frustrated when they don't want to sit still and smile. Kids are kids. And this kid was adorable.

A 17

A 6

A 21

A 28