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Family Photography / Kansas City, MO

When one of the most adorable and fun families I know asked me to photograph them
with the addition of an uncle, I knew it would be a good time.
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This is my 5th session with this sweet and sassy girl, and
it's always a joy to see her. She is one of the happiest little
girls I know. She seriously never fussed for a second.
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wAyns 129

This session was so fun for me! I'm not sure who laughed the most...
but we all had a great time. Uncle Derek was a great assistant at getting
the love bug to look towards the camera and provided endless laughter as he
ran back and forth behind me in the grass playing peek-a-boo with his niece.

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wAyns 432

Reason 847 why I love what I do: I love watching adults behave like complete fools
doing whatever it takes to make the kids laugh. I love knowing that they love their
little ones so much they will do anything to make them happy. That makes me happy.