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Little Miss

IMG_7511 b&ww

6 years old... What a fun age to observe. She is a deep thinker, and very literal.
I had to be so specific in my directions, she really made me think before I speak.

IMG_7573 copy

IMG_7481 5x7

IMG_7641 8x10

big family, big love

IMG_6895 b&ww 8x10
This blended family blends seamlessly. Photographing a family of 6 has it's challenges, but these kids made it easy!
IMG_6962 5x7

look at those lips...

IMG_6391 8x10 b&ww
just beautiful! This little darling posed for me all afternoon while her mom and dad let me roam their gorgeous house and rearrange their furniture ;) I wish they all went this smoothly, but newborns have their own agendas. Luckily, this baby girl has a career in modeling in her future.
IMG_6408 8x10

IMG_6424 b&WW

IMG_6316 8x10 Vint

perfect princess

IMG_6159 8x10

IMG_5991 b&ww 5x7

naked newborns... love them! Especially when they are so sweet and sleepy like this perfect princess. This was a bit of reunion for me as I have known both mom and dad since high school (which in an unmentionable number of years ago ;) )

IMG_6115 copy

IMG_6020 b&w 5x7

blue eyed boy

IMG_5644 copy
This little guy inherited those gorgeous blue eyes from both sides of the family!
It was fun getting to know his parents. They are laid back and adore their baby, and each other, to pieces.
I am already looking forward to seeing them later this summer and watching this sweet family grow.

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IMG_5841 b&w 5x7

IMG_5766 8x10

IMG_5860 b&w IMG_5835 b&w IMG_5656 b&w 5x7

update of my girls...

IMG_5082 copy
Mallory: 26 months
After the senior session last weekend, Mallory begged for me to take her picture too. She ran all over the lot and posed for me. How could I resist? Maybe she will be my model after all... if she would just slow down a bit ;)

found her toes
Whitney: 5 months
She cut her first 2 teeth and found her feet. Oh, what a precious age! She can't crawl away from me taking her picture, or tell me "No!"

senior 2009

IMG_4983 sharp

Warrensburg is lucky to have this senior heading their way in the fall. He's got a great head on his shoulders.

IMG_4996 copy

IMG_4998 sharp

IMG_4955 8x10

6 pounds of perfection

IMG_4843 b&w

IMG_4853 b&w

I just loved her full head full of hair and creamy complexion.

IMG_4784 copy

IMG_4803 b&w IMG_4814 b&w IMG_4790 b&w

IMG_4731 copy