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First Birthday Party / Belvoir Winery, Liberty, MO

8x10 collage

What a fantastic venue for a party!
This Odd Fellows Home, built in 1900, is being renovated into a winery with soda shop and carriage rides.
Not just any winery, but a haunted winery. It's history is long and unique...
starting as an orphanage, and functioning as a school and hotel amongst other things,
this building is filled with character. A perfect place for a memorable birthday
party. What a lucky girl!

wHarlow 1yr 077 4x6

wHarlow 1yr 066 8x10


I'm so fortunate to have such wonderful clients. I've photographed this family
since baby girl was in her Mama's tummy, as a newborn, and every 3 months since.
Watching soon-to-be Mom and Dad anticipate the arrival of baby, and being there to
witness them fall in love those first days after she arrives are just a few of the
reasons I love my job. Happy Birthday Princess. You sure are blessed!

10x10 square collage

Harlow 1yr 192 bw

wHarlow 1yr 005 5x7

Siblings / Kansas City Child Photography

It's hard to believe I've been photographing this family since
big sister was a newborn! It's so fun to see how these little
darlings change and how their personalities grow as the months
and years go by. Just another reason I love my job!

wTysFam 310c

wTysFam 189c

wTysFam 162

wTysFam 089

wTysFam 282

Thanks for letting me help capture your little one's moment and memories!
They are precious. Enjoy the spirit of Christmas with you little angels.

wTysFam 080

Fall Family Portraits / Kansas City

wMeyerFam 094 8x10
wMeyerFam 075

This family was a nice change from my normal toddler chase. Not that I don't
love the chase, but it was nice to actually conversate with my subject and
not leave completely exhausted.

wMeyerFam 057

wMeyerFam 020

Besides that, just look at these adorable kiddos... and they are well
behaved. I think they really like each other. Total score!

wMeyerFam 040

Thanks for putting up with the cold wind and limited leaf selection.

Enjoy your sneak peek!

Christmas Portraits / Kansas City Child Photography

These smiles are reason #839 why I love my job!
aMallFam 015

aMallFam 031c

aMallFam 050c

This is the second time I've had the opportunity to photograph these little darlings!
The first time, baby boy was a newborn... I'm always amazed at how much they've
changed at 6 months. This is one of my favorite ages. The smiles come easy, but
they cannot escape my lens (just yet)!

aMallFam 171 bw

aMallFam 196

aMallFam 143

aMallFam 107f

Big sister is a beauty behind the lens too. I just love her curls!!!
Of course, one day, she'll probably spend lots of time on straightening her hair,
LOL, but for now we all get to adore her natural curls.

aMallFam 281sq bw

aMallFam 257

Christmas Family Photography / Kansas City, MO

wBeckFam 023 5x7
This family is always fun to photograph. The camera loves them, and they
are pretty close to my kids' ages, so it's "another day in the life" for me.

wBeckFam 027

wBeckFam 076

wBeckFam 043

It's a joy to watch them grow up... I remember when little William was just a few
weeks old! My very first newborn to photograph. Wow, time flies when we're
having fun!!!

Happy Holidays! It was so nice seeing you all again. Now go get the "Elf on the
Shelf," and milk it for all it's worth until Santa comes! :)

wBeckFam 148

Baby Photographer / Studio

wMM6mo 091 bw 8x10

No denying Christmas is coming... this little Santa's helper is too cute to ignore.
wMM6mo 134

wMM6mo 150c

Also, no denying this little girl has a lot of love in her life. She daddy's girl,
Mama's angle and the apple of her Lola's (grandma's)eye.
wMM6mo 025 bw 8x10

wMM6mo 259

Gummy grins like these give me serious baby fever! Probably a good thing hubby is
away on business :) and check out all those rolls... Oh be still my heart.
Thanks for sharing your precious princess with me. I really enjoyed her.

wMM6mo 210

wMM6mo 191 4x6

Twins / Kansas City Photography

wH&A 6mo 042
Tis the season to start Christmas portraits, so what's better than silly Santa hats?
And, or course, we need to showcase their beautiful baldness too :)
wH&A 6mo 014

I was excited when I got the e-mail from this family about portraits. I remember
photographing their maternity session, and they are one gorgeous couple.
I knew their babies would be adorable, and so much fun.

wH&A 6mo 145
Unfortunately, daylight savings time threw them off schedule a bit, so I captured
a lot of serious faces and just a few silly smiles. They were really checking me out.
Little Miss really had me cracking up at her gummy 2 tooth grin. Oh how I love this age.

wH&A 6mo 235 8x10

It was great seeing you again, and meeting your bundles of joy! I have more to come,
but for now, here's your sneak peek!

Family Photography / Kansas City, Missouri

WwHollister 062

WwHollister 086 8x10

I had the pleasure of spending this unseasonably warm November afternoon
with my friend from grade school, and her adorable family. We started in the studio
attempting Christmas portraits, and eventually went outside, where the kiddos
really have the most fun.

WwHollister 205

WwHollister 147

I must say, her little girl has her sassy personality, and her little boy
has her never ending babbling mouth. LOL. Love you and your family, lady!
It was great seeing you. Enjoy.

aHollister 100

WwHollister 267 bw

WwHollister 306