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Family Fun / Kansas City Family Photographer

wFloFam 008
I've had the pleasure of photographing these boys before...
but this was our first family shoot. I adore this family. They are so fun
and easy going, which is hard to maintain with two toddler boys. I can say
that having two toddler girls myself. I know how hectic it can be.

wFloFam 060 bw

wFloFam 242

Mom and Dad keep each other grounded and this family truly functions as a team.
It's easy for Dads to be a little hands off, as the little ones tend to want
Mama most, but this dad doesn't let that happen. They're all about their Daddy too.

wFloFam 015

wFloFam 107

wFloFam 228 bw

Thanks for all the laughs and entertainment. You all make a beautiful family!

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