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1 year old twins / Kansas City Child Photography




One of my favorites things about being a photographer is repeat clients.
I have the best clients, and love seeing their kiddos grow, change, hit milestones,
and find their individual personalities. I also love seeing the parents each session
and chatting about all the challenges and changes parenthood brings.
It's a precious secret society, and once your a member, you have an instant connection
with other parents that is unsaid but understood.





These little darlings have mastered crawling since I saw them last...
and they gave all three of us a chase for Mom and Dad's money.



Awww, the first few teeth make for such sweet, sweet smiles!
Thanks for coming to visit, it was nice seeing you four again.
Cake smash pictures to come later this week, so check back soon :)

Family Photography

A sibling is something that can never be lost and brings you happiness for a lifetime.

wIMG_4289 8x10

I love meeting new clients, especially when they are as sweet and adorable
as this bunch!




Mom and Dad are both 3rd grade teachers... it really shows in how patient and gentle
they are with their kiddos. Little Miss A took a bit to warm up, just like my 4 year old.
I felt right at home, and so did she when we let Barbie hide in the back for pictures.


Little man has so much baby love chub, I just want to eat him up...
This is one of my favorite ages. 6 months old. Smiles are cheap, drool is free
and they can't get away from me (yet). Adorable!



Newborn Photography in Kansas City


wIMG_4026 bw

Gorgeous grins! Holy baby fever... this one had me at, "Hello, look at
that head of full hair!"



First time parents are such a joy to work with... we all Ewww, and Ahhhhh, and swoon
together. Not that I don't love any newborn babies, but once their are other children,
there is rarely silence to just watch and observe their perfection.

wIMG_4088 bw

wIMG_4161 bw


wIMG_4108 bw

3 generations. Need I say more?



This bonnet is a gift from Nana. The precious part is it's not just a bonnet.
It came with this touching poem. So, get your hankie out, sniff, sniff.

I am just a little hankie, as square as can be;
but with a stitch or two, they've made a bonnet out of me.
I'll be worn home from the hospital, and on special days,
and then I'll be carefully pressed and neatly packed away.
Then on the Wedding, I have been told,
every well dressed Bride must have something old.
So what would be more fitting than to find Little Old Me,
a few stitches snipped and a Wedding Handkerchief
I Will Be!



Maternity Photography / Family Photographer




I love this family! Mama and Daddy are so patient, loving and silly...
their princess is polite and playful... and their little man is sure to
be charming as well.




Yep, it's a boy. An unnamed boy.
Names are always a hot topic and Maternity sessions.
It's either decided since the first trimester (sometimes even pre-nuptules),
or won't be until the little stinker arrives because Mom and Dad can't agree
or just can't narrow it down :)
In my family, we have one of each... so I love hearing the stories.

Sissy will be such a helper when he arrives. Maybe she should name him.
wIMG_3905 bw

Oh the glow of a pregnant belly <3

Hang in there... and I can't wait to meet him and find out his name :)

Newborn Photographer / on-location photography

Sweet, sweet smiles from such a sleepy boy... I wonder what he's dreaming out...


He inherited his parents laid-back personalities, no doubt about that :)
I had a great time chatting with them during their maternity session,
and having a new baby in their house fills it with that much more love.
Thanks for sharing him with me for the afternoon. He's precious!

wIMG_3596 bw


There are so many from this session I LOVE, but this is in the top 3 for sure!
wIMG_3617 bw


I love incorporating props from client's homes, and this is a family antique
with a bundle of joy on top.

Dad wasn't so sure about his little bambino baby bird, but pretty handsome, huh?

Enjoy those snuggles, cuddles, and afternoon naps. He's just perfect.

Family Maternity Photography


Oh my, this Mama has a beautiful baby bump!

wIMG_2716 bw

wIMG_2764 bw

Since my girls are so close in age, this adorable family reminds me of the
excitement of giving my own young child a sibling.
You try to explain to them that there's a baby inside Mama's tummy, but in the end
you don't know how much they truly understand.
One thing is for sure, they are about to gain the best friend, companion,
and partner in crime they will ever have, and you get to watch them fall in
love with each other.



With such a handsome big brother, I can't wait to see what this little princess looks like!

wIMG_2882 bw