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Newborn Photographer / On Location

Beautiful Big Boy from earlier this week...
wNBCoop 270 bw

Welcome to the big world Cooper Thomas. You are so precious, and your whole family
is just smitten with you... and I can clearly see why!
wNBCoop 303 5x7

I love this family. They had me cracking up most of the afternoon.
As you can see, their new little guy thought they were pretty funny too :)
wNBCoop 147 bw

wNBCoop 019 8x10

wNBCoop 065

Family Photography / Home Studio

wGrayson 007 8x10

wGrayson 020 crop

6 months old is one my favorite ages to photograph. They are sitting up,
but not mobile, curious about everything, and make the silliest facial expressions!


First time parents of 6 month olds are also one of my favorites... they are
so in love with their precious little family, and they make googlie sounds
and goofy faces to try and get their little ones to smile!

wGrayson 124 bw

wGrayson 130 8x10

...and I love the poofy puffy costumes that only 6 month babies get to wear!
Why can't they make ours so warm and cozy?

wGrayson 152

Wedding Photography / Kansas City, Missouri

This being my first official full fledged wedding, I've been sorting through thousands of images and reliving their very special day.
This is one laid back bride, and her mom was a riot. These ladies kept me laughing all day, and I just love all the photos I captured with huge smiles of heartfelt joy. Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of the fun.
I had a blast with all of you... Even those pesty boys :)
so for now, here's a sneak peek of what's to come.

the bride

the mood

the day

the shoes

the laughter

the innocence

the men

the couple

the happiness

the dance

Family Fun / Kansas City Family Photographer

wFloFam 008
I've had the pleasure of photographing these boys before...
but this was our first family shoot. I adore this family. They are so fun
and easy going, which is hard to maintain with two toddler boys. I can say
that having two toddler girls myself. I know how hectic it can be.

wFloFam 060 bw

wFloFam 242

Mom and Dad keep each other grounded and this family truly functions as a team.
It's easy for Dads to be a little hands off, as the little ones tend to want
Mama most, but this dad doesn't let that happen. They're all about their Daddy too.

wFloFam 015

wFloFam 107

wFloFam 228 bw

Thanks for all the laughs and entertainment. You all make a beautiful family!

w 11x14

Missouri Town 1855 Wedding Photography

wJ&S 404 8x10

I loved everything about this wedding location in Missouri Town 1855.
This sweet couple wanted a simple yet casual ceremony that was just their style,
and after spending the afternoon with them and their families,
I understand how this location was perfect for them.

wJ&S 419 bw

wJ&S 411

You never would know that it hailed on me on my drive there... and I was
nervous on how to pull it off in the rain. Thank goodness the sun peaked
out just a few minutes before the bride and girls arrived on location.

wJ&S 080 bw

wJ&S 432

We had lots of fun and laughter wondering around the grounds. I attempted to soak
up all the photo opportunities I could as we quickly lost light after the ceremony.
I will definitely be going back! The trees are just starting to change and everything
was so beautiful and lush.

wJ&S 477

I love a family that is willing to try anything... especially if it involves
standing in a field, jumping in the air with heals, or getting your bouquet
eaten by random farm animals! What a day to remember... thanks for letting me be
a part of it. Congratulations!

wJ&S 509

Family Photography / Kansas City, MO

When one of the most adorable and fun families I know asked me to photograph them
with the addition of an uncle, I knew it would be a good time.
wAyns 004

wAyns 013

This is my 5th session with this sweet and sassy girl, and
it's always a joy to see her. She is one of the happiest little
girls I know. She seriously never fussed for a second.
wAyns 061

wAyns 129

This session was so fun for me! I'm not sure who laughed the most...
but we all had a great time. Uncle Derek was a great assistant at getting
the love bug to look towards the camera and provided endless laughter as he
ran back and forth behind me in the grass playing peek-a-boo with his niece.

wAyns 376

wAyns 432

Reason 847 why I love what I do: I love watching adults behave like complete fools
doing whatever it takes to make the kids laugh. I love knowing that they love their
little ones so much they will do anything to make them happy. That makes me happy.

Country Couple / Kansas City Family Photography

This cute couple comes to me as a referral from a friend and co-worker...
They are his adorable parents, who've been married for over 20 years.
wTurner 067

wTurner 256

They haven't had a photo session in decades, and it was my pleasure to spend
a beautiful fall morning with them at Loose Park in Kansas City. Although I'm sure
he would've rather been mowing their 5 acres in small town Kansas while sipping on
a cold can of something hops-ish, he obliged his wife's desire to capture their moment in time.
What a guy! He even made eye contact with the lens a time or two ;)

wTurner 270

Despite fighting marathon traffic to get to one another, we had a nice time
chatting about how they met, and what they like to do. Laid back in love couples
like this are really an inspiration to me, and I hope to have soaked up some of
their wisdom in the process.

wTurner 085

Enjoy your sneak peek. Many more to come :)

wTurner 017 bw

Family Photographer / Sibling Session

wPeyton 2yr 240 bw
It is my first time pointing my camera at this adorable family.
We were supposed to get together last year when she was 1, but things came
up and it never happened. I was so pleased to spend my morning with this cutie pie.

wPeyton 2yr 288 8x10

This is a first for me in another way. I also got to meet the mom's siblings.
We did a sibling session as a surprise to their mom/grandma for Christmas.

wPeyton 2yr 056 bw 8x10

As with most men, they don't like standing still and smiling at the camera,
let alone making eye contact with the lens... but I think I managed to get a few
that Santa will be happy to leave under the Christmas tree!

wPeyton 2yr 108

Thanks for trusting me with your family memories. Your family is gorgeous!

wPeyton 2yr 033

wPeyton 2yr 017