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Missouri Town 1855 Wedding Photography

wJ&S 404 8x10

I loved everything about this wedding location in Missouri Town 1855.
This sweet couple wanted a simple yet casual ceremony that was just their style,
and after spending the afternoon with them and their families,
I understand how this location was perfect for them.

wJ&S 419 bw

wJ&S 411

You never would know that it hailed on me on my drive there... and I was
nervous on how to pull it off in the rain. Thank goodness the sun peaked
out just a few minutes before the bride and girls arrived on location.

wJ&S 080 bw

wJ&S 432

We had lots of fun and laughter wondering around the grounds. I attempted to soak
up all the photo opportunities I could as we quickly lost light after the ceremony.
I will definitely be going back! The trees are just starting to change and everything
was so beautiful and lush.

wJ&S 477

I love a family that is willing to try anything... especially if it involves
standing in a field, jumping in the air with heals, or getting your bouquet
eaten by random farm animals! What a day to remember... thanks for letting me be
a part of it. Congratulations!

wJ&S 509