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Newborn Photographer / Kansas City, Missouri

newborn b&w
Welcome to the world, little dude. We've been waiting a LONG time for you!

newborn collage

This little fella is the newest addition to our neighbors, and dear friends.
We live on a wonderful block with lots of kiddos smack in the middle of the city.
Our oldest girls (ages 3 and 4) are BFFs, and our youngest girls seem well
on their way too(ages 18 months and 16 months.)
With a house full of girls and dads hard at work, we managed to make getting
a few shots of this 10 day old a priority... and I'm so glad we did!

newborn in elf hat

Baby Photographer / Kansas City, Missouri

a H 6m 023 8x10 F
This little bloom is 6 months young and so stinking cute!

I've had the pleasure of photographing this family since baby girl
was still in mommy's belly, and the honor of taking her newborn and 3 month
pictures. It's such a joy when Daddy comes along and shares the love.
Being a daddy's girl myself, this photo is my favorite from the session.

a H 6m 108 bw

a 10x20

a H 6m 156

6 month stinky toes ;)

Thanks for trusting me to capture your memories. I enjoyed seeing you all again
today and catching up while watching your little petunia grow. She's precious!

a 11x14 name

Child Photographer / Kansas City, Missouri

Adorableness... I'm not sure what else to say...
wVance 8x10

These kids are so cute and photogenic, mom might
have a gold mind on her hand. This little guy wants
to be in movies!

wArtography 058

This cutie just wants to have fun and play dress-up!
wArtography 220 8x10

wArtography 205

And big sissy, well she's the life of the pary!
wArtography 134

wArtography 110

Thanks for the giggles guy and gals.
I told you so... Adorableness!

Child Photographer / Kansas City

a10x20 white
This cutie patootie is turning two!
I haven't seen her since her first birthday session.


Dear Miss Independent,
It was so fun seeing you again and watching you grow.

aMaddy 2yr 149 bw

Happy Birthday little monkey.
Enjoy your Curious George Birthday Party.

wMaddy 2yr 164