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silly siblings

I had the joy of meeting this family yesterday afternoon and I was so excited it was nice enough outside to walk to the park. Sorry Mom, for not warning you to bring your walking shoes ;) and thanks for being such sports and galavanting all over the neighborhood to let me take your kids' pictures. I was amazed at how much energy they had and impressed we all survived without naps! I had a lot of fun and hope to see you all again soon.

IMG_3426 b&w

IMG_3391 b&w 5x7 IMG_3347 b&w IMG_3443 b&w 5x7

IMG_3446 p

IMG_3416 5x7 IMG_3381 b

IMG_3470 copy h

IMG_3451 b&w IMG_3505 b&w

IMG_3513 c IMG_3478