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all dressed up...

and nowhere to go.
but, hey, let's face it, when you're only 2, the "all dressed up" part is what it's about.

Here are a few snapshots of my neighbor's daughter and her above average skill of applying cosmetics at a very young age. I was impressed at her knowledge that eyeshadow goes on the eyes and lipstick on the lips. If this were my 2 year old, the blue eyeshadow would be on her forehead and the lipstick smeared down her cheeks.

IMG_0481 copy IMG_0515 copy IMG_0497 copy

Not only was I amazed with the 2 year old, I was baffled that Mom allowed her child to play unattended in her room with said cosmetics while tending to her newborn baby in the other room. It's true, you are a more laid back parent once #2 arrives. You just don't have a choice.

IMG_0530 b&w