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Mama and "Missy B"

What a cutie! She came dressed to impress and even brought her rain boots. But it was too cold to go outside and play, so we had to make our own fun inside! It was so obvious that Mama and G-ma just love this little girl to pieces. She clearly rules the roost and it was sweet to see G-ma doting on her and primping her and fixing her hair. It makes me miss my mom even more.

sometimes it's the simple things in life that make us happy.
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and othertimes it's the comfort of the old things we love.
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3 generations
IMG_0133 b&w

IMG_0138 b&w

baby loving. it's another girl! I can't wait to meet her.
IMG_0108 b&w IMG_0015 b&w

thanks ladies. I look forward to seeing you again in May.