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so, here we go...

my name is Allie and I'm addicted to photography...

I fell in love with this art form when I was a teenager in high school while taking a photography class, and I've explored this media for years off and on. Somewhere along the road, life got in the way and I put down the camera except for holidays and occasional gatherings. It wasn't until my first child was born that my real obsession began.

I've taken my kids to get "professional pictures" taken at the mall a few times like most moms do. I walked away with generic pictures of my kids that were cute, but didn't really show who my kids were at that time. Looking back on those pictures, I couldn't tell you the funny things they were doing that day that made me love them even more than I did the day before.

So, here I am, starting my own business capturing other peoples' kiddos through the eyes of a mother. Capturing unique expressions and letting their character shine through. Photos that you will look back on 10, 20, 30 years from now and be taken back to those moments frozen in time. How the sunlight sparkled in her hair and that one little piece that always fell in front of her ear... How he flared his nostrils while he played with his beloved cars... and that he wouldn't go anywhere without that tattered stuffed animal. After all, these are the memories was seek. These are the little things we embrace and hope to hold on to forever. These are the snapshots of our lives we don't want to fade in time. But the truth is, time flies. Especially when you're busy chasing after those little ones as they growing up way to fast!

So let me capture those memories for you to savor for generations to come. Photos that make you smell the peanut butter crackers he ate in the car on the way to the photo shoot. Let me see your kids the way they are today so you can remember them that way tomorrow.