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Twins / Kansas City Photography

wH&A 6mo 042
Tis the season to start Christmas portraits, so what's better than silly Santa hats?
And, or course, we need to showcase their beautiful baldness too :)
wH&A 6mo 014

I was excited when I got the e-mail from this family about portraits. I remember
photographing their maternity session, and they are one gorgeous couple.
I knew their babies would be adorable, and so much fun.

wH&A 6mo 145
Unfortunately, daylight savings time threw them off schedule a bit, so I captured
a lot of serious faces and just a few silly smiles. They were really checking me out.
Little Miss really had me cracking up at her gummy 2 tooth grin. Oh how I love this age.

wH&A 6mo 235 8x10

It was great seeing you again, and meeting your bundles of joy! I have more to come,
but for now, here's your sneak peek!