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Child Photographer / Natural Light Studio

wLauren 18m 126
I feel so blessed to get to watch this little darling grow up.
I've been photographing her since she was just a week old!
Her serious observer personality reminds me a lot of my oldest.
Mama, Nana and I usually work circles around each other trying to get smiles.

wLauren 18m 042
And this time... we have SMILES. Nana's apparently the best thing ever! Duh.

wLauren 18m 045

She loves the outdoors too. Watch out for this one Daddy... just look at those
eyes, and she plays hard to get! You're in t-r-o-u-b-l-e.
wLauren 18m 335 bw

wLauren 18m 292bw

It was great seeing you ladies again, but I can't belive how fast they grow.