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Christmas Portraits / Kansas City Child Photography

These smiles are reason #839 why I love my job!
aMallFam 015

aMallFam 031c

aMallFam 050c

This is the second time I've had the opportunity to photograph these little darlings!
The first time, baby boy was a newborn... I'm always amazed at how much they've
changed at 6 months. This is one of my favorite ages. The smiles come easy, but
they cannot escape my lens (just yet)!

aMallFam 171 bw

aMallFam 196

aMallFam 143

aMallFam 107f

Big sister is a beauty behind the lens too. I just love her curls!!!
Of course, one day, she'll probably spend lots of time on straightening her hair,
LOL, but for now we all get to adore her natural curls.

aMallFam 281sq bw

aMallFam 257