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Newborn Photography in Kansas City

Oh, the joy of a new baby boy! This nearly 10 pounder didn't want to sleep.
He was in on all the action and has plenty of personality already. IMG_9754


He's a lucky boy to have such laid back parents.
There are few things in life as stressful as bringing your newborn home from the hospital,
but this couple has it figured out. Sometimes there's nothing you can do,
but be there for each other. Because let's face it, it isn't easy being little.
He may not be a super napper, yet, but the swaddle knocks them out every time!


This big guy has a custom bedroom.
His fraternal grandma made him this one-of-a-kind quilt. It is amazing.
A labor of love from a very talented lady.
His Mama made the birdie mobile and sunshine wall art.
Even the window treatments are a handmade gift from a friend.
I adore all the handmade with love details.

I should give Dad some credit too,
because he did have something to do with the makings of this little angel,
even if he didn't knit any blankets.


Happy One Week Birthday Mr. Davis! It was a pleasure to meet you.