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Maternity Photography, Kansas City Metro Area

Maternity portraits for soon-to-be first time parents are one of my favorites.
Especially couples as cute as this couple!
They are so in love with each other, with the idea of their expanding family,
with the perfect little creature they haven't met yet.
It reminds me of that Christmas commercial where the parents give their
young children a trip to Disney world.

Their joy is overflowing and contagious. Life is simple. Quiet. Calm.
At least to me, a mother of 3 little girls, any uninterrupted adult time or conversation
lasting more than 3 minutes seems that way.
The calm before the storm.
When your prince arrives, along comes a storm of emotions and excitement.
 The type of unconditional love that you didn't even know existed until that very moment.


Next thing you know, the hospital is going to let you take that
precious perfect baby you two created home. In fact, they are kicking you out.
Without an instruction manual.
And when that happens, you call me, because I can't wait to meet your precious
little boy and give him snuggles and take his newborn photos.


Pregnancy looks great on you. You've got the glow.
Good luck on the rest of this journey and I can't wait to hear from you when he arrives.