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Kansas City Child Photography

This blue eyed beauty didn't know what to think of me, Mom and Autie
being so silly to try and get her to smile... playing patty cake was a big hit!


She reminds me of my oldest toddler... very unsure of anyone not in her inner circle,
and she doesn't want Mommy out of arms reach.
She has the most beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest cheeks I've ever seen.
I just adore this baby face! I've had the great pleasure of photographing
her since she was only 3 months old and love watching her grow and change.



Mom kept apologizing for her timidness, but I found it to be adorable.
A characteristic trait that Mom will tell stories about when she's well
into adulthood, and perhaps tease her about the first time she expresses
her embarrassment about Mom dropping her off, or kissing her in public.

Embrace her tender heart, and enjoy it while it lasts! She's a real sweetie!
Thanks for sharing her with me.