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Life's a changing...

Please make note that my email address has changed. contact me at: or the good old fashioned was on my cell phone, 816-365-2204. This next phase of life is proving to be an exciting and interesting time for our family. With the arrival of our newest baby girl #3 in February, selling our midtown home of 20+ years in March, deciding to build our dream home in April, and temporarily moving into my parents house in May, I'm a little behind on my photography blog. But, don't be fooled, my camera's been clicking and capturing lots of little lives and love this spring. I hope to share some recent images soon. So, for now, I'm working on-location. That means I'd still love to take your photos, but not in a studio. Instead we can meet at any place you'd like. Urban settings, local parks, in the bottoms, downtown, your own backyard or favorite family hang out. Contact me to discuss options and set up the perfect session for you! I'm thrilled to announce that in the fall, I'll have a space in our new home dedicated to my studio photography. I hope to hear from you soon and enjoy these beautiful breezy spring days while they last.