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Newborn Baby Boy

W collage
This family was so fun at their maternity shoot,
I was thrilled to work with them again.
W Cruz NB 111 bw

The little guy was the biggest "newborn" I've photographed.
At 4 weeks old, he was over 9 pounds, and not as flexible as he once was.
He also wasn't much into sleeping. Oh yes, he was tired, don't be fooled...
once he was asleep, he didn't care much for me posing him.

W Cruz NB 260 8x10
Once I mentioned this shot, mom really wanted it.
We worked hard to get him here asleep and
I only got a few clicks before he woke up again.

W Cruz NB 020 bw
But just look at those adorable little lips! It was worth all the effort.

W Cruz NB 366